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Pocket Food Scales

No more guesswork while eating away from home! Our miniature scales fit into any pocket or purse, yet they weigh up to 2.5 pounds at 0.01-ounce precision. All feature protective covers that double as weighing trays. Many offer a choice of colors. Batteries are always included—and so are a generous discount and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Kitchen Tabletop Scales

Studies show that most people underestimate their portions. Keep yourself honest with these highly precise, elegantly appointed, ruggedly constructed, and attractively priced kitchen scales. Buy several—one for the kitchen, one for your desk, one beside your easy chair. All weigh to the nearest 0.1 ounce and include batteries and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Personal Bath Scales

Check your weight to the nearest 0.2 pound with these smartly designed bathroom scales, guaranteed to look great in any décor. While you’re at it, some models will also help you keep tabs on your body fat, muscle, water, and bone mass. Capacities range from 330 to 396 pounds. All come at discount prices with batteries and a 10-year-manufacturer’s warranty.

Fitness Gear

Heart rate wristwatchHeart Rate Wristwatches

Lose weight faster, get fit sooner by keeping your pulse in your target zone. These smartly styled watches not only monitor your heartbeat and provide advanced timing functions, but give you insight into many other dimensions of health. Unlike older models, they don't require you to wear a cumbersome chest strap—everything is right there on your wrist. Choose from four models, each deeply discounted.


Still using that freebie you got from a cereal box? Why not spend a few bucks (remember, walking and running are the best activities for weight loss) to manage your workouts with 21st-century certainty? Our new hi-tech pedometers can tell you how many steps, how far, how fast, and how long you've traveled with breakthrough precision and ease. They also come at surprisingly affordable prices.

Safety & Comfort AccessoriesSafety & Comfort Accessories

Decades of study have shown that walkers, runners, and cyclists are almost invisible to motorists, because they don't fit the average driver's "search image." If you value your safety as much as your health, you'll equip yourself with something that can't help but awaken glazed-over eyes. These gadgets do just that—and a lot more besides.

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